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10 Fashion Nägel Styles

Manicure has become more and more popular in recent years. Different manicure counters have arisen like mushrooms after the rain.
For different girls can these works of art on the nail not only promote the feeling of life but also a fashion taste.
Now I will show you a list of the top 10 manicure styles for 2012. Perhaps belongs to the following fashion design style your nails!
N0. 1 Crystal nails
N0. 2 evil birds nails
 böse Vögel Nägel böse Vögel Nägel
N0. 3 black nails
schwarz Nägel
schwarz Nägel
N0. 4 fresh fruit nails
Frisch Frucht Nägel
Frisch Frucht Nägel
N0. 5 red butterflies nails
 rote Schmetterlinge Nägel
N0. 6 Rainbow nails
Regenbogen Nägel Regenbogen Nägel
N0. 7 purple diamond nails
lila rhombische Nägel
lila rhombische Nägel
N0. 8 tulips nails
Tulpen Nägel
N0. 9 luxurious diamond nails
luxuriöse Diamond Nails
luxuriöse Diamond Nails
N0. 10 artistic black and white nails
künstlerischen Schwarzweiß-Nägel
künstlerischen Schwarzweiß-Nägel
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