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Wonderful designs of the manuscripts of Gala!

Do you love fashion show get to see? Every year there are many fashion show in Paris. Many celebrity, many popular movie stars or singer stars from various countries are together bale himself. But are not the core. The world-famous designers and the model are the brightest stars of course! Alexander MacQueen and Anna Sui siond very famous and asked.

ein blaues Abendkleid mit Herz-Ausschnitt

Today, I would like to enjoy some manuscripts of the evening dresses by designer with you to experience the fascination of the design, and to expand the imagination. Design is an amazing thing. Of course, there are the manuscripts not by the world-famous designer.


Let’s look at the first manuscript! Wonderful image! The artistic means of expression are so bizarre. You can fantasize, it attracts a young and beautiful girl? It’s probably a blue evening dress with heart cutout. It has liquid design. The material is chiffon and makes the body very lean! Maybe there are also many sequin before the chest. Another option, which is a ball gown in the blue and white. The lower body is complex and gestakt. It is in corsage of criticisms. Do you have other fantasy? Belly when you paint, you can add also your design.

fashion collection DIY

Other amazing manuscript. Wow, fashionable and cool black cocktail dresses! I can not imagine himself there, a young girl puts on a black mini and black socks and black high heels. Perhaps, she has black hair as shown in the image. I think it’s so cool. Very typical dresses, which are necessary for women and especially loves Coco Chanel are small black evening wear. This is a perfect design. The combination is also good. Or we can agree to change the design. For example, the top of the dress can be red. There really is this cocktail dress. When you surf online evening dresses, you will find it.


fashion prom dresses

Here, I have an image that shows a series of designs. Look this manuscript! Five slim and modern girls, each a style attracts. There are elegant long evening suffering with halter, gestakte evening wear with carrier, knee dress with heart cutout, professional dress combination and sporty pants. But all styles are harmonious. Do you have much very good female friends? If there is a chance that you are a series with your girlfriends clothes. It is super!
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